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Business Owner & Seamstress

It all began in High School, for Business Owner Kristen - with grand plans to own her own Fashion label, Textiles was her favourite subject and what she excelled in.

Furthering her studies at a well renowned University for Fashion Design, her horizons were broadened into learning Pattern Making, industry standard sewing techniques, business management skills as well as many other sides of the Fashion Industry.

Wanting to put her fine tuned skills to practice, she found herself a casual job as a Seamstress at a Clothing Alterations franchise well know across Melbourne.

This was a vital move and is what instilled the confidence in her to become a great Seamstress and Store Manager. Here she learnt how to understand a clients needs, to alter a garment to flatter all shapes and sizes and how to communicate and gain a clients trust. The relationships she built with clients were just as great as her sewing skills - key for any successful business.

Through Managing this store for 5 years, Kristen's keen eye for detail grew into wanting to develop her own business. She also took it upon herself to seek out voluntary Internships with other small businesses and large Fashion Labels, such as Carla Zampatti in Sydney, to help her understand how different scales of business' operate.

It was then that she realised her desire was not to develop another Fashion Label and design for the sake of being creative, but rather to use her skills and creativity to help others look as great as possible in the wardrobe they already have, or to bring a special garment to life by creating it from a basic sketch or photo.

So Dressmaking and Such was created.

Kristen developed Dressmaking and Such with several purposes in mind.

To fulfil the ambitions of a young High School Student of owning her own business, to bring a fresh face and set of eyes to what is an ageing industry, and to be in a career where every day is different and one to never tire of.


She could not picture herself doing any other job. She loves being her own Boss and loves that clients trust her with their most precious of garments such as Wedding Dresses and family heirlooms. 

There is no greater compliment than to work on such garments. 

Her clients satisfaction is what drives Kristen to grow Dressmaking and Such to new heights and always say yes to a challenge.

Aside from her skills as a Seamstress, Kristen's open mind and ability to think outside the box is what keeps clients coming back and referring her to others.

There was something missing in the industry; it was vibrancy and a vision, current techniques and being in tune with the modern day clients needs.


So if you're looking for a young, fresh minded Dressmaker to revamp your special garment,

create that dress you just cannot find in store, or get your Bridal Party sorted, 

look no further than Dressmaking and Such!

Our Belief

Wearing clothing that fits you to perfection will bring out your inner confidence, whether it be your

Wedding Dress or a casual outfit. 

A beautifully tailored garment will set you apart by looking finished, polished and neat.

Dressmaking and Such can achieve all of this and more when you put yourself in our capable hands. 

We believe a great job is only achieved by clear and open communication to ensure you are delivered exactly as you're expecting and nothing less.

Garment Care

Everything that enters the Dressmaking and Such Studio is treated with care and love as if they were our own.

We are also committed to doing our bit for the environment,

and are making a conscious effort to minimise the amount of Plastic Waste we produce. 

To assist with this, we encourage you to bring your own Garment Bag for delivery and collection of items that require hanging. 

Otherwise, woven Garment Bags are available for purchase.

We also use Recycled Paper bags for smaller foldable items.


Dressmaking and Such's clientele base has grown organically over the course of our journey and this is due to the way we take care of our clients,
new and existing.
Consultations are private, meaning you are the sole focus with ample time dedicated to your needs. 
During your dealings with us, you should feel comfortable to talk freely about your concerns and wants.  
Kristen and her lovely staff members will greet you with a smile, work with you in all your fittings, sew your garments and be there when you're due for collection.

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