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Walk down the aisle with Confidence!

Finding the right Vendors for your Wedding Day can be a stressful process,

so Dressmaking and Such is here to take the stress away from at least one aspect of Wedding Planning

Wedding Dress Alterations

You have your dress... now what?  You contact Dressmaking and Such!

Get in touch to notify us of your Wedding date and check our availability. Appointments are limited so it is always best to make contact earlier rather than later. 

In an Initial Consultation, you will try your dress on and let us know how you feel in it. We will then give you our advice on how we will achieve the best fit. 


Fittings for Bridal Alterations begin 6 weeks out from the date of the Wedding, to ensure you are as close to the weight you will be on the day as possible.

This limits the amount of adjustments required.

You will collect your dress approximately one week prior to your Wedding date.  




Bridesmaids alteration timeframes are the same as the Bride, so why not try and bring your entourage in for a group appointment and make it part of your Wedding Experience?

Plus - it is safest to have all Bridesmaids outfits altered in the same place, this ensures hemlines are consistent and everyone looks uniform. 

Remember, you must have your shoes and correct undergarments to ensure alterations are accurate - near enough is not good enough at Dressmaking and Such!

The Groom and Groomsmen


Even the Men are welcome here, we actually really like working on Wedding Suits, as we know your entire Bridal party will be looking 100% tailored and neat. 

There are some aspects to a suit that are key to looking great;

Trouser hem length and the length of the Shirt and Jacket sleeves. 

If these three things are correct, you can guarantee you will not look like you are wearing a hand-me-down suit. 

The correct Shirt, Shoes and Belt are required to fit a suit correctly. 

Standard Initial Consultations last up to one hour duration

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