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Have your work uniform or even your comfy leisure wear altered to be just right! 

We aren't only about Weddings, we specialise in general garment alterations too! 

We know there is no 'Perfect Body', so that's what we are here for.  


The most simple of things such as shortening a trouser hem or fixing the annoying strap that keeps slipping off your shoulder makes all the difference. 

Found a fabulous garment second hand but the zip has broken?

Or want to revamp a jacket with new buttons? 

Contact us, we can source hard to find supplies or point you in the right direction, so when you come in, you're armed with everything we need!

Bring us a bag full of those clothes that are destined for a pile in the wardrobe deemed 'unwearable' or 'unrepairable'

and let us show you how we can bring them back to life. 

We know it can be hard to slot in an appointment JUST to have your clothes altered... but trust us, you will be glad you did. 

Or, make the most of your appointment and bring a few items at once,

that way it will be like gaining a whole new wardrobe when you pick it up! 

What can we alter or repair?

Basically everything in your wardrobe!

See our Services list for more information

on what we can do! 

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